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Welcome to the GECO website
Groupe d’Etudes pour la Chirurgie Osseuse
Bone Surgery Study Group

GECO is a learned society of orthopedic surgeons founded in March 1976. This association initially brought together surgeons from the eastern region of France.
The initial aim of his work was to study treatment techniques for fractures and other injuries of the musculoskeletal system, with a particular focus on complications and poor results, by comparing their respective records.
Very quickly, the learned society opened up far beyond eastern France, with an “enlarged annual meeting” attended by other colleagues of all nationalities.
Every year, this extended GECO meeting in January brings together some 200 participating orthopaedic surgeons for several days, contributing their experience and expertise on a given theme. From the outset, GECO’s style of communication has set it apart from its competitors.
The quality of his work over more than 45 years has gradually earned him widespread recognition in France and abroad, in clinics, hospitals and universities alike.
Since 1991, the creation of specialty groups (upper limb, spine, hip, knee, foot and biomaterials) has made it possible to carry out more in-depth studies and provide more targeted, specialized training, notably during the so-called “plaine courses”, held once or twice a year.
A prize for a thesis or final year’s work, written in French and originating from a healthcare establishment in the European Community, is awarded each year at the January meeting.
Two scholarships, named “Thierry Hermann scholarships”, after another founding member of GECO, enable 2 young orthopaedic surgeons each year to finance their stays abroad.
Last but not least, GECO has created a “ junior summer school ”, with conferences and workshops given by experts for junior orthopaedic surgeons in the process of setting up practice. This event has been acclaimed by most of France’s learned societies, with which GECO maintains excellent relations.
Of course, all these activities would not be possible without the participation of sponsors. But GECO has always enjoyed total scientific independence, which has contributed greatly to its success and reputation.
Since 1976, GECO has stood for “sharing knowledge for better care”.

Our publications

GECO Board


Didier Mainard
President, Pro Biomateria Group
Claude Schwartz

Renaud Ruillier
Scientific Manager

Jean-Yves Jenny
General Secretary
Group Relations
Jacques Hummer
Assistant General Secretary
Alain Graftiaux
President, AGREG-GRAAL Group
Jérôme Villeminot
President, VENUS Group
Anne Vidil
François-Xavier Gunepin

Honorary members

Founding member
Thierry Hermann
Honorary President
Pierre Kehr


Anne-Françoise Peron

Our partners

With its 400 members and strong business activity, several manufacturers have decided to join forces with GECO.
A partnership policy was drawn up. GECO now has several regular and new partners.
The evolution of GECO needs them, and GECO thanks them.

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