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24 Novembre 2018 : GECO-SPINE 2018 - Le Mans

Perioperative complications of lumbar TDR : Jean-Patrick RAKOVER (Le Mans - France)
A retrospective analysis of complications in lumbar TDR – with a view on different devices : Karsten RITTER-LANG (Stenum - Germany)
Experience in facet joint arthritis and Metalosis (clinical cases) : Svante BERG (Stockholm - Sweden)
Residual facet lumbalgia after lumbar disc replacement : Joël DELECRIN (Nantes - France)
Discussion : Joël DELECRIN (Nantes - France)
Lumbar prosthesis failure; analysis lumbar and pelvic parameters : Stéphane LITRICO (Nice - France)
Failure of prostheses related to sagital balance : Fethi LAOUISSAT (Lyon - France)
Coronal scoliosis after lumbar disc replacement. Why and when? : Pablo CLAVEL (Barcelona - Spain)
Discussion : Pablo CLAVEL (Barcelona - Spain)
Total Disc Replacement in the lumbar spine: How did we get here and where are we going? RCT between the mechanical and viscoelastic prosthesis : study design and proceeds : Svante BERG (Stockholm - Sweden)
Review of the various failures and complications of cervical disc prosthesis : Raymond YIP (Hong Kong - China)
Typical failure and complications in cervical TDR – what is avoidable, what is fateful? : Karsten RITTER-LANG (Stenum - Germany)
Heterotopic ossification after cervical prosthesis : Jean-Paul STEIB (Strasbourg - France)
Risk factors for anterior osteolysis of the bone in cervical arthroplasty : Jean-Patrick RAKOVER (Le Mans - France)
Discussion : Jean-Patrick RAKOVER (Le Mans - France)
Cervical Prosthesis and Sports : the example of professional rugby : Pierre BERNARD (Bordeaux - France)
Hybrid arthroplasty and cervical arthrodesis : Jean-François LEPEINTRE (Paris - France)
Discussion : Jean-François LEPEINTRE (Paris - France)
Cervical disc replacement in atypical sagittal balance situations : Jean-Yves LAZENNEC (Paris - France)
Expanding indications of cervical arthroplasty to segmental kyphosis and slit discs : Óscar L. ALVES (Porto - Portugal)
Cervical TDR in kyphotic deformity : Bronek BOSZCZYK (Tutzing - Germany)
Discussion : Bronek BOSZCZYK (Tutzing - Germany)
Anterior approach revision strategy : Patrick TROPIANO (Marseille - France)
What assessment for a prosthesis that goes wrong : Jean-Paul STEIB (Strasbourg - France)
Strategies for avoiding complications of artificial disc replacements in extended indications : Burkhard RISCHKE (Zürich - Switzerland)
How to handle a lumbar disk alignment problem? : Jean-Yves LAZENNEC (Paris - France)
Discussion : Jean-Yves LAZENNEC (Paris - France)
Clinical case: cervical prosthesis dislocation : Jean-Yves LAZENNEC (Paris - France)
Clinical case: cervical prosthesis subsidence : Olivier RICART (Luxembourg)
Clinical case: management of failed artificial disc replacement : Burkhard RISCHKE (Zürich - Switzerland)
Conclusion of the day : Jean-Patrick RAKOVER (Le Mans - France) & Svante BERG (Stockholm - Sweden)