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All you want to know about visco-elastic disc replacement.

With Prof. Jean-Yves LAZENNEC, Prof. Patrick TROPIANO, Prof. Marc-Antoine ROUSSEAU, Dr Svante BERG

This webinar is the first webinar entirely dedicated to spine arthroplasty and focused on a new generation of cervical and lumbar disc prostheses: using viscoelastic technology. This webinar is led by some members of the S.A.C (Spine Arthroplasty Community) sub-group of the GECO. The objective is to give you an overview of the concepts and the functional results linked to this innovative technology. Thanks to their monobloc design viscoelastic prostheses are aimed to restore physiological movements providing six degrees of freedom and three-dimensional motion including shock absorption.

Who is course for : spine surgeon, orthopaedic surgeon, neurosurgeon, fellow

22 Janvier 2021 : Traumatologie de l'épaule / Traumatology around the shoulder - Paris

Du 01 au 04 Avril 2021 : 45ème Réunion Elargie du GECO - Bourg St maurice