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23 Novembre 2019 : Une décennie de greffes courtes - A decade for the short graft - PARIS

Introduction : Didier MAINARD
Introduction : Jacques HUMMER
Why don’t I do short grafts? : F. Kelberine
The evolution of ligament reconstruction. General principles of the short graft : Hubert LANTERNIER
What is ligamentisation? : Didier MAINARD
MRI evolution of ACL grafts in the first 2 years : Henri ROBERT
Clinical and MRI correlations of tibial fixation (short or long anchoring?) : S. Plaweski
Tunnel widening and graft incorporation in short versus long tunnel ACL reconstruction : J Van de Pol
Fixation of a short graft. Biomechanical study : Jean-Yves JENNY
Prestress or pretension: do not confuse them : Henri ROBERT
Why PULL-UP? : M. Panisset
Why TIGHT ROPE? : R. Letartre
Why CorTTape? : R. Limozin
Why TLS? : X. Cassard
Treatment of cartilage injuries by medullary stimulation combined with a collagen membrane : François-Xavier GUNEPIN
Ankle ligamentoplasty : Jérôme DILIGENT
Lateral tenodesis : François-Xavier GUNEPIN
The limits of the short graft (indications? techniques?) : Jean-Yves JENNY
Short grafts in children : X. Cassard
The IN OUT/OUT IN debate : R. Limozin
Bone sockets and retrodrill : Hubert LANTERNIER
Has rehabilitation evolved with the short grafts? : X. Clément
Return to play criteria in the elite athlete following CoLS ACL reconstruction : G. Levengood
A TLS series after 10 years : N. Lefevre
Why I became a TLS "evangelist" in the USA : M. J. Maynard
Short grafts: More enlargements? More ruptures? : Thomas NERI
Ultrasound follow-up of the knee : W. Hemelryck
What Orthense contributes : Jérôme VILLEMINOT
ACL ligamentoplasty - what does tomorrow hold? : François-Xavier GUNEPIN
Which revisions for short grafts? : Jean-Yves JENNY