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26 Novembre 2016 : GECO-SPINE 2016 - Le Mans

Welcome speech by Meeting President : J-Y Lazennec
History and concepts of artificial disc replacements : M-A. Rousseau
Benefit of Prosthesis vs Cages : B. Rischke
Why the visco-elastic concept became interesting : J-Y Lazennec
Delayed instability after artificial disc replacement: a comparison overview between viscoelastic and the mechanical prostheses : O. Ricart
The relevant parameters for evaluation of disc prosthesis: C.O.R. or mobility : J-Y Lazennec
Pre operative assessment (sagittal balance, discography, vascular assessment) : S. Ramaré
Lateral approach : B. Rischke
Anterior approach : J-P. Rakover
What about hybrid and multi-levels replacements : J-P. Rakover
What about hybrid and multi-levels replacements : B. Desai
My thinking and strategies to avoid facet-joint arthritis : S. Berg
Prosthesis and posterior articular pain : J-P. Steib
Purpose of the prosthesis for the adjacent levels : J-P. Steib
Cervical prosthesis and spinal balance : O. Gille
Are there indications for disc prosthesis in cervical myelopathy? : J-P. Steib
Multi-level in the cervical spine : B. Desai
Benefit of hybrid constructs : J-F. Lepeintre
Instability of cervical disc replacement : M-A. Rousseau
Overview of possible complications : J-P. Steib
Typical complications and worst case scenarios after cervical and lumbar TDR : K. Ritter-Lang
Anterior approach revision : P . Tropiano
Disc prosthesis and sacro iliac pain : J-Y. Lazennec
Clinical cases of failure : P . Tropiano, A. Schmitz & attendees
Fin de session