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Du 19 au 22 Janvier 2019 : 43ème Réunion Elargie du GECO - Bourg St Maurice

Advantage of pins in knee prostheses : Didier MAINARD
Anterolateral Rotational Instability (ALRI) of the knee : Thomas NERI
How to revise TVO with a TKR : Claude SCHWARTZ
Is revision necessary for a stiff knee? : Hubert LANTERNIER
Revision for unexplained pains : Patrice MERTL
What to opt for with TKR revision: escalation or de-escalation : Jean-Yves JENNY
UKA revision with UKA or TKR : Jean-Alain EPINETTE
Patellar problems and TKR revision : Didier MAINARD
Pains after a meniscectomy : François-Xavier GUNEPIN
What can be done in the case of meniscal suture failure : Jean-Yves JENNY
Failure of ACL surgery: understand to be able to repair : Hubert LANTERNIER
Should we be wary of allografts in ligamentoplasty revision : Henri ROBERT
Conclusion : Claude SCHWARTZ